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Stone Veneer Installation

Stone veneer can be used as for decorative purposes, as a layer of added protection, or both. Ramsden Fieldstone walls is here to make sure your stone veneer project comes out the way you envisioned it. We are capable of both designing and installing stone veneer inside or outside your home. Contact us today for a free consultation.

The Value of Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is easy to work with and relatively easy to install. During our consultation phase, we will assist you in picking out the shape and color of your stone as well as begin to dig into your vision from a design standpoint. Stone veneer is a truly natural product and can totally change the way you see a room or add to the aesthetic value of your home on the outside. We enjoy our work and welcome your project and your input.

What is stone veneer?

Whether you are looking for a new stone or quarried look, stone veneer offers something for everyone. Stone veneer can be either manufactured or made from natural stone. Natural stone veneer is usually made of stone that is collected, like fieldstone. Manufactured stone veneer is made by pouring a concrete mix into forms and then painting on a natural stone color. Stone veneer can then be attached to walls using a special mortar.