Hardscape | Masonry Services | Patio Design & Installation-Massachusetts

Municipal Waterproofing

We can help your town or city save huge repair and replacement costs on its bridges, parking garages, side walks and so much more. Never need to repoint the towns brick buildings and stop the intrusion of mold at the same time.

Commercial Waterproofing

Save all you sidewalks that are still in good shape. There is no such thing as an attractive concrete repair, and replacement is incredibly cost prohibitive. Protect your investments. Stop the damage to all your concrete brick and stone surfaces.

Residential Waterproofing

We can waterproof from the inside stopping the moisture that seeps through the foundation causing your possessions like rugs and cardboard to become moldy and deteriorate. Making their basement far dryer like the first floor of a house. Outside we can stop the damage to your steps side walks pool decks and retaining walls. We can also stop water from entering your brick and stone chimney’s as well.